Learn basic parkour… safely.






HI, MY NAME IS FAREEZ and I’m the founder of KKPARKOUR.


over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to travel and work with Mountain Dew, Star Sports, ESPN, and other major brands for parkour & freerunning related work!






Did you know that there are 2 sides to parkour?


1. true parkour — is when you are getting from point A to point B the quickest way possible. You either use it to ‘reach’ a destination, or to ‘escape’ from an emergency.


2. freerunning — is the flashy side of parkour. It’s like parkour, but with with flips.


over the years, people have had the wrong impression about parkour. They often get mixed up between parkour, and freerunning.






In parkour, you train for practicality. Imagine SPARTAN RACE, and AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR.

you’re doing parkour to become stronger, fitter, faster, and more agile.

and you’re training how to climb up walls,

how to jump higher,

how to move across your environment and overcome obstacles with ease and speed.


while training for freerunning is more about creativity and looking for ways to make your ‘run’ flashy and beautiful.

This is what you mostly see young teenagers doing, and what they usually post on youtube.







here’s what we will cover:


  • 1 Day (3 hours) beginner’s parkour workshop for adults age 16 to 35 years old.


  • learn SAFE & BASIC parkour technique to move through your environment with ease and speed


  • PARKOUR FITNESS TRAINING — using parkour as a bodyweight fitness training to improve your strength, agility, and stamina.


  • learn wall climb technique to improve your upper body strength


  • a fun way to get in shape


  • use the outdoor environment as your obstacles and training tools to build your strength, balance, skills, and confidence to move through your environment in a strong & fluid motion.


  • SPEEDRUN — use the techniques that we teach you, and challenge how fast you can run through the obstacles.





PARKOUR FITNESS TRAINING is about using the environment to build up your strength, balance, skills, and confidence to coordinate your body from head to toe and move through your environment.

it’s a fun way to get in shape, and you don’t need any equipment. just a pair of good shoes and comfortable clothes to start training.





If you’ve always wanted to do parkour but don’t know how…

this workshop is perfect to help you get started… SAFELY!



WHERE : (Rainforest Park) Taman Ujana Rimba Tropika

WHEN : Saturday 25th February, 2017 (3.30pm to 6pm)

WHO IS THIS FOR? : adults from 16 years old to 35 years old



“i’m a total beginner, can i join?”
yes! anyone can join. we’ll only teach you the basics.



WHAT TO BRING : enough drinking water (we recommend 1 liter of water)

WHAT TO WEAR : comfortable training attire, and running shoes that are light and have good sole grip.






Our goal for this workshop is to get more adults to give parkour a try and see how fun it is!


one of the common barriers that is stopping adults to try is the fear of injury. So don’t worry, we will only be teaching you BASIC parkour during the workshop so that you can learn parkour safely.


during this workshop, we’ll be focusing more on the practicality of parkour — strength, agility, balancing, and mobility.


expect to have fun, but feel sore and tired from a full body workout.




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