Come and train with us


If you are a beginner with zero experience, you must sign up and watch the getting started video first, or join our beginner’s parkour workshop before attending our weekly meetup.


Weekly meetups are an opportunity to train how ever you wish (within safety standards). Take the time to work on whatever it is you want to improve. You can get some advice from other members who are there, but they are not there to specifically train or supervise you.


the purpose of the weekly meetup is to keep KKPK members accountable in their training. Since we do not yet offer classes, we invite anyone regardless of what fitness level you are at to join and train with us.


Training & Meetup session is on :

  • every Saturday,
  • 4pm *SHARP*, until 5.30pm



  • Comfortable training attire
  • light shoes that have good grip



  • Water (we recommend a big bottle of 2 litres or more!)






  1. “what if it rains?”

If Its just a light drizzle, just wait it out. Sometimes it will stop raining, and training goes on as usual.


But if its raining too heavily, then we’ll just cancel the session and meetup the week after.




  1. “I’m a noob, and I cant do parkour. Can I join the meetup?”


YES! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. But, you must be 17 years old and above to join our session.

If you think you are too old for parkour, just start with the basic first. we welcome anybody above the age of 17 to join… even if you are 80 years old.


By joining the meetup, we are not liable for your actions, and you agree to take full responsibility for your own actions that may lead to your injuries and/or other risks.




  1. “I want to learn parkour. Do you teach classes?”


The meetup is where we ALL train, learn, and support each other.

We do not teach classes, and we will not teach or supervise you during the meetup.


Everyone will be training on their own. Don’t just sit around and wait for other people to train you, because that will not happen. It is your* responsibility to be proactive and train on your own.


We’re happy to share tips and advice if you ask us during the meetup. Just approach anyone and ask for some tips. We’re all friendly and ready to help out.



if you’re looking for a class, join our parkour workshop here




  1. “How does the meetup look like?”


Its a laid back session where we usually start with warm up & stretching,


Then move on to simple parkour moves to get the blood flowing,


and then just do whatever you want to do — free session.


then at the end of the day, we end it with some parkour speed run — and sometimes do some conditioning as well.




  1. “where do you meetup?”


The location varies as we like to change training spots often.


Here are the common training spots we often train at:


A.) Tanjung Aru playground maze – Prince Philip Park

B.) Likas Sports Complex

C.) Taman Ujana Rimba Tropika




  1. “Is it free to join? Do I have to pay to join?”


Meetups are free to join. You do not have to pay us anything.

But if you prefer supervised coaching where an experienced trainer will help you train, you can register for parkour workshop here.





the meetup is where we train. not to show off who’s better.

If you just want to flip and jump around to show off your skill, please do not join. this group is NOT for you.


Our goal is to train and exercise to be physically fitter & stronger to build functional strength so that we can run faster, jump higher, and easily climb up obstacles.


Although doing flips is fun, but…


our focus is on building up our fitness and strength FIRST. so that we can do fun flips later when our body is strong enough.


This group is for you if:

  • you are 17 years old and above
  • you want to train parkour safely so that you can keep doing parkour even when you are 8o years old
  • you want to become fitter, faster, and stronger



this group is “NOT” for you if:

  • you are below 17 years old
  • you just want to jump around doing reckless flips without proper warm up
  • you want to show off your skills
  • you want to do dangerous moves and destroy your body