Parkour workshop update



Raffee doing a speed vault during the speedrun session



despite the rain, the workshop was a great success!


we had been planning to do this workshop for months.


The goal for this workshop was to get more adults to get started in parkour.


Parkour is a “FUN” way to get in shape, and it totally trains your full body from head to toe. You get to train your stamina, upper body, jumping, agility, flexibility, etc.


it’s also a great way to use muscles that you havent used in a long time if you have been sedentary!






training and exercise can sometimes feel like a chore. but the beauty of parkour is that you do the moves and exercises not because you have to, but because you want to — you naturally want to do it because it’s so addictively fun!


but the common barrier most adults have is, “I would like to do that… but I don’t want to kill myself”


Parkour can (and should) be learned safely

what most people see parkour in youtube videos is the result of years, and years of training to finally be able to achieve that level.

just as how you don’t go to the gym and lift 100kg dumbells on your first day, applies to the same in parkour — you dont do advance moves on day one. instead, you learn the basic first and slowly progress from there.




just because you see other people doing dangerous stunts, doesn’t mean that you too have to do the same.


parkour is up to you how you want to train.

you can keep it safe and casual, and just train on flat ground.

or you can challenge your body and train to be a flying ninja.


there is no specific rule to parkour. you have the freedom to train however you like.




we’ve been promoting the event in facebook, and asking people to confirm their attendance by registering.


we ended up having a lot of people register and interested to do parkour. but as the date came in close…

it started to rain.


we had no plan B other than to postpone the event in case it rained heavily.



I prayed so that the weather would allow us to continue with our training.


I even went on to google to find out how to stop rain 😛





and surely enough by the time the event started, it got cloudy and started to drizzle. fortunately for us, it was only a light drizzle and it didnt stop us from training.


here’s what went through during the workshop:


initially, there were alot of people who were supposed to come. but on the day of the workshop, many people ended up not being able to make it.

but this allowed us to focus and give personalized attention to the small group of people who did come.



I want to say thank you to the participants who came down and joined us for the workshop! It was great fun having you, and we hope you had fun as well!

also to everyone who supported the event directly, or indirectly. and the friends who helped us share and spread the word about the workshop!

and thanks for the wristband, Kevin!




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