How to start parkour safely without killing yourself


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“I ‘d like to do parkour, but….”


  • I dont want to injure or kill myself,
  • I’m too old,
  • I’m too fat, too big, too heavy,
  • I’m too weak,
  • I’m too scared,


Those are the common excuses and barriers that people have when they are considering on starting parkour.


They assume that if you want to do parkour, then you have to do backflips on top of the tallest building on your first day.



Training parkour is the same as how you train in any other sports. 


you don’t go to the gym on your first day and lift 100 kg of weight!




You start with the lightest weight first, and then you slowly build up the strength to progress to heavier weights.


and its the same with parkour.


You start with learning how to do basic moves and build up your strength and skills first before you progress to the more advance stuff. Click here to learn how to do basic parkour safely.


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When people think of parkour, they imagine young teenagers doing daredevil stunts, and doing backflips ontop of rooftops.


Over the years, people have had the wrong impression about parkour.


They often get mixed up between parkour, and freerunning. Partly due to the media always portraying parkour as a dangerous and risky activity.


1. Parkour — is used to overcome obstacles. You do parkour to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ in the quickest way possible.

You either use it to ‘reach’ a destination, or to ‘escape’ from an emergency.

Imagine that you are being chased by a group of thugs, so you are running, jumping, and climbing obstacles to escape from danger.


2. Freerunning — is the flashy side of parkour. It’s similar to parkour, but with flips and style. It’s more of an art of movement to express your creativity with your environment.





Freerunning is like performing in a circus, whereas parkour is being chased by a lion.


In parkour, you train for practicality — you’re doing parkour to become stronger, fitter, faster, and more agile.


and you’re training how to climb up walls,

how to jump higher,

how to move across your environment and overcome obstacles with ease and speed.




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whereas training for freerunning on the other hand is more on the creativity and expression side — looking for ways to make your ‘run’ flashy and beautiful.

imagine adding a backflip into your run.



Parkour and freerunning is amazing to watch, but it can be intimidating if you’re considering on doing it


You would think to yourself, “there’s no way I can do that”


And you’re right!


You can’t do that… Yet.


What most people see parkour practitioners do in youtube videos is the result of years and years of training.


This is what’s called the iceberg effect.



You only see the tip of the iceberg, but you don’t see what’s underneath.


You might see the champions winning the gold and think it’s god-given talent, but you’re not seeing them “shooting in the gym.” You’re not watching the countless hours and sweat it takes to master their craft.


And Its happening in social media. 

You scroll down on your facebook and instagram feed and see your friends uploading photos of their vacation sipping mai tai on the beach,

while you’re stuck sitting in your desk job and you wonder, “why is their life better than mine?”


but what you don’t see is what’s underneath the iceberg — the stuff that they dont’t post or share on their facebook — the boring, and the mundane day to day office job they go to every day to earn enough money to afford that vacation.


And in the parkour scene…


you only see people uploading a 2 minute video of their cool jumps,

but what you don’t see is the behind the scenes — the 5 years of blood, sweat, and tears to be able to make that jump.


Shay doing many attempts before he can successfully stick his landing



parkour can – and should – be trained safely.

Click here to download my free starter guide on how to start parkour safely.


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just like any other sports, you start with the basic FIRST, and then you slowly progress from there.



You have the freedom to do parkour however you like.



just because you see other people doing crazy stunts, does not mean that you too have to do the same.


check out this beautiful parkour training:

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You dont have to do backflips if that’s not your cup of tea. 

You are still doing parkour as long as you are moving, climbing, and running over obstacles.


you have the freedom to train however you like, and its up to you where you want to take it.


everyone does parkour in their own way.

some people love working on their balance, so they stick to doing more of that.


while others just love to move freely, and they can also do that.


And if you just want to do simple rail vaults, you can also do that.


But if you decide to take it to the next level and push yourself out of your comfort zone, you can also do that… as long as you train safe, of course.


Always keep safety in mind. because once you’re injured, you’ll be forced to rest and wont be able to play, or train.


it is very important that you listen to your body. If you dont feel confident doing something, then don’t do it.



“I would like to do parkour, but I’m too old”


you think you’re too old? watch this “old” guy climbing over a wall:


Real world emergency situations don’t discriminate. If you were in an urgent scenario where you had to reach or escape, could you get up and over a wall? Climb-ups are a valuable life skill and the most realistic, urban application of a muscle-up. Congrats to John at Copper City CrossFit for getting his first climb-up after 15 minutes of my climb-up drills during our full day Parkour EDU intensive in Butte, MT last weekend. Interested in hosting our seminars at your gym? Send me a message or email us at

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and these “old” folks do basic parkour:



If they can do it, whats your excuse?




“I would like to do parkour, but im to heavy”


too heavy? this guy is getting of his couch and still able to do freerunning.


There are no excuses to become your better self

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“I would like to do parkour, but I’m not fit or strong enough”


you dont wait until you are fit to do parkour, you do parkour FIRST then you will become fitter. get my parkour starter guide here >>


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A lot of people have the mentality of sitting around and waiting for the right time or the right opportunity to magically fall on their lap before they take action.




This applies not just to doing parkour, but in anything else you want to achieve in life.


such as losing weight.


So you’re just  going to sit around and wait until you magically lose weight before you start exercising??

you exercise first, and then you will lose the weight.


Change Your Life Weight Loss MotivationNever stop fighting 󾮖

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dont wait for the right opportunity to come, because it will never happen. it’s YOUR responsibility to make it happen.


everytime you catch yourself saying,


“I would like to do that, but….”


Notice that its just an excuse.

take action and do it anyways. baby steps.


“a ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”

– William  Shedd


There are no excuses to become your better self.



there’s nothing more depressing than being out of shape…


being less than your best,

and not being able to run, jump, play, and be an active human being.


parkour is a fun way to be active and get into shape!

most exercises feels like a boring chore, but with parkour you get to be outdoor and play like a kid!


you get to enjoy the process of ‘training’ and having fun, and as a result you get a fit and healthy body!


want to learn basic parkour safely? click here


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